I recently had the wonderful opportunity to present at the 2016 Higher Education Social Media Strategies Summit in Boston, and was fortune enough to team up with my friend and fellow New York University colleague and super mega accomplished podcaster, none other than Chris Barrows. Chris is the host of the Why I Social Podcast as well as the Five Favorites podcast, and for this conference, we teamed up for a presentation called “Podcasting for Higher Education”.

We talked about the podcasting landscape in general, what we think is a massive opportunity for podcasting to be an important part of the Higher Ed marketing mix, and we also went over the building blocks, blueprints and gear that one would need to get started. Now, seeing that this is an audio-only format, I posted both our presentation slide deck. Click below to check that out – if you’re interested in this stuff, it will really give you a simple, idiot proof guide to getting started.

[PDF] Podcasting for Higher Education Slides

[PDF] Podcasting Guide (Includes starter gear list and costs)

One last thing before we dive in, please excuse the non optimal audio – this was recorded live in a conference hall in Boston, so I did the best I could with the enhancing the audio so that it’s a little more gentle on your eardrums  – and with that disclaimer, here we go with the presentation…