Fitting with our recurring theme of doing more with less and punching above our weight class, I am joined today by Meghan Jagnow who is using social media as a strategic tool to deliver just the right messaging at just the right time, to improve and elevate the on-campus housing experience for her students.

Meghan currently serves as the Manager for Marketing & Communications for University Housing at the University of Tennessee. In this role she oversees all University Housing internal and external communications, including print media, social media, electronic media, and special event coordination.  She’s responsible for developing and executing the strategy for all communication, branding, and marketing initiatives for the department.   Her role also serves as a resource for the Division of Student Life, providing guidance and support to division-led initiatives.

As you’ll soon learn, Meghan is a real practitioner who uses empathy, leadership skills and a process oriented, goal oriented approach to getting things done. Please enjoy my conversation with Meghan Jagnow.